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MUAY-THAI / Our national sport

Train as a real nak muay in the homeland of Muay-Thai and meet our top coaches ! They will help you to become a true champion or simply to discover this amazing sport.

The greatest muay-thai fighters are daily stopping by the Venum Training Camp to feel the unique atmosphere and train with the best. You may have the chance to meet Sittichai, the current greatest muay-thai fighter or even others champions from the Venum Team like Samy Sana etc.

CROSSTRAINING CLASSES / Get in the best shape of your life

VTC’s Crosstraining classes will develop muscles you can actually use, not just show. Utilizing compound lifts with kettlebells, barbells and bodyweight exercises, Crosstraining classes will develop real strength and fitness for real life. This is the ideal discipline for beginners and those who want to go further and progress.

It takes the best from high-intensity interval training, olympic weighlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, girevoy sports, calisthenics, strongman and more.



Have you ever dreamt to train in the country of Muay Thai? To go from punching bags to fine sand, from the ring to the palms? It’s now possible at the Venum Training Camp! Located in one of the most beautiful place of Thailand, the Pattaya Venum Training Camp is THE place where fighting and cross-training are only one. The Pattaya city is one of the sweetest place ever to enjoy a nice training session while having great holidays. Who knows, you may be lucky and come across some of the #venumteam top athletes like Sudsakorn, Sittichai, Chingiz Allazov or Samy Sana… And maybe train a bit with them!
An idyllic environment and top notch training. What else?

venum training camp : The best place in pattaya

The Venum Training camp is a very unique concept in Thailand. Located on the nicest place of the country, the Venum Training Camp of Pattaya really is THE one place where Fighting and Cross Training are only one. Pattaya is the ideal place to enjoy both your training and holidays at the same time. The training camp is only 5’ away from the beach. If you want to train and sweat instead of resting, you will get access to many combat sports like Muay-Thai, MMA, Western Boxing, BJJ but also Cross-Training sessions. Trust us, there’s more than enough to learn and enjoy for lifetime training! The camp naturally accepts every levels of fitness and fight experience, from motivate vacationers to professional athletes, from cross-training enthusiasts to world class champions. Because the most important thing for us is to keep a nice family atmosphere.

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